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  Egypt Safari in Desert & Oasis tours

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Nile Melody offers a variety of exclusive adventurous excursions across Egypt, from the wild mysterious deserts to the beautiful Red Sea. With extensive experience and knowledge of Egypt's environment, logistics and skill, we create unique, unforgettable nature-based excursions for our clients.

Not only can we show you the popular wonders of ancient Egypt as part of an incredible adventure, but focus your attention on the beauty of this land and its cultures across the Western Desert, Eastern Desert, Sinai and the Red Sea.

No matter how much science may reveal, "the Desert" will remain in most peoples' minds a place of accumulated sands, unsolved mysteries and eternal legends, all camouflaged beneath a haze of mirage. During the Safari, you can piece together some of that mirage and portray the unexpected appearance.
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By providing a wide range of safaris, expeditions and excursions for our clients, based on unique and competitive self-sufficient tools, we are able to design tailored itineraries to suit everyone’s needs.