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Beachs - Red Sea

Egypt's Red Sea coast runs from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border. Its mineral-rich red mountain ranges inspired the mariners of antiquity to name the sea Mare Rostrum, or the Red Sea.

  All Cities - Marsa Matruh  

Strait of Tiran

The Strait of Tiran lies at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba and is edged by the west coast of the Sinai on one side and the island of Tiran on the other. In between are the coral reefs of Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas and Gordon - all named after the 19th Century British cartographers that were the first to map the area. Strong currents characterize this area and with it they bring large quantities of plankton and other nutrients. This provides food for the corals which brings in the reef fish which in turn are eaten by the large pelagic such as barracuda, trevally, tuna and of course sharks - all of which makes great diving.

Ras Nasrani

Lying 11 kilometers north of Na'ama Bay and just south of Tiran, Ras Nasrani varies between a moderate to steep slope. The steepest part is to be found just south of the corner and then it flattens out into a spectacular coral plateau. Here at about 10 meters is a perfect example of a red anemone after which you discover large gorgonians, and massive coral heads. Fish life is in abundance with morays hiding in crevices, fusiliers and barracuda schooling off the reef and electric rays skirting around the sand.

  Diving Sites - Hurgada  

Shaab el erg
Large lagoon at Hurghada's northern most point, shallow dive on outer coral Gardens and gathering point for manta rays in Spring.
Famous for sightings of resident dolphin community by divers.
Umm Gammar: Big groupers and lot of sweepers in the multiple caves found along the eastern wall and drop offs of this tiny islands fringing reef.
Shaabrhur Umm Gammar: South of the Island, this reef offers superb wall diving with possibilities of encountering reef sharks and sizeable groupers. Small wreckage.

Careless Reef
Two pinnacles rising from a shallow plateau surrounded by deep water.
Magnificent coral gardens famous for the numerous giant morays encountered here, as well as the whitetip reef sharks and schooling reef fish.
Small Giftun: Several good dives are found on the reefs around this island, the most famous is the drift dive on the giant fan corals at the eastern fringing reefs wall.
Big Giftun: Best diving is around on its eastern side, especially at "stone beach" where morays and turtles are found on the hard coral garden found on the upper part of the wall.
Abu Ramada Island: Two little islands surrounded by a single reef.
Good drift dive along the steep eastern wall, with big fan corals, overhangs and swim throughs.
Big groupers and carangids.

  Diving Sites - Dahab  

Located between Sharm el Sheikh and Nuweiba, Dahab is a favorite of divers and those who enjoy the backdrop of Bedouin culture in a relaxed, down-to-earth atmosphere. Bedouin-style restaurants line the shore, along with dive centers and beaches, where a wide variety of water and land activities are available.
Dahab is a great diving holiday destination for the experienced diver and for those seeking to obtain their scuba diving certification. Professional diving centers in Dahab, Egypt, tender good value for money and the relaxed pace enhances the overall diving experience.

Dahab diving is synonymous with shore diving. Dive destinations are reached by jeep or by camel. Each site has its own charm and character with loads to discover. Water entry is as simple as crossing over a reef-flat and descending. Enjoy drifting along the sheer drop-off at the Blue Hole. Search for turtles and octopus at the Canyon or cruise past soft corals and gorgonians at Gabr el Bint. Visit Dahab's dive sites map page to find out their locations. Diving is believing.

  Diving Sites - Nuweiba  

Situated between Dahab and Taba, Nuweiba is known for its spectacular beaches and multi-colored mountains. Hence, the "pearl of the gulf of Aqaba" is a beloved destination for many travelers.
Famous for stunning sunrises and sunsets, As a beautiful and relaxed diving holiday destination, Nuweiba will appeal to those looking for calm away from the crowds and a return to the virgin face of the Red Sea.

Diving centers in Nuweiba, Egypt, will take you to the best dive spots in the area.  Devil's Head and Ma'agana are just a short drive north of Nuweiba. Ras Mamlah and Ras Abu Galum to the south are one and a half to two hours away by off-road jeep. Their remote location has ensured that the reefs are healthy and vibrant. 

Selecting Nuweiba as the place to get your scuba diving certification is an excellent choice. Conditions are ideal and there is plenty to see: gardens of hard and soft coral and interesting fish species like razor fish, shrimpfish, stonefish and Pegasus fish. Those with a keen eye for detail will find the elusive frogfish, the delicate seahorse and the multihued nudibranch fascinating.

  Diving Sites - Taba  

One of Taba's many charms lies in its striking coastline, a feature that applies above as well as below water. Although less well known as a Red Sea diving holiday destination than Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada, diving centers in Taba, Egypt, offer interesting diving, including all levels of scuba diving certification. Among the best dive sites in Taba are Pharaoh's Island with its fish rich coral slope.

The Fjord with its vast colorful coral patches and teeny glassfish, and Marsa el Muqabila with its large barracuda and batfish schools. You can see the locations of these sites in our Taba dive sites map.

One of the best aspects about Taba is the prolific presence of frogfish (also known as anglerfish), a marine species that is rare elsewhere in the Red Sea. If you are an observant diver you may be able to spy these intriguing creatures within a short distance from shore. Farther away from the coast you can catch sight of eagle rays, great barracuda, jacks and tuna roaming by.