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Beachs - Mediterranean Sea

All Cities - Marsa Matruh  
Wild Rocks

Marsah Matruh has two reputations. Western guide books present it as crowded, uncharming and littered. Egyptians tells a story about a friendly summer city with numerous beautiful beaches.

To me the truth is somewhere in between, and it is clearly not the worst place to spend a few summer days. At summer nights the place comes alive, and is a fun place to meet principally Egyptians. And a couple of the beaches here are definitely worth their Egyptian-made reputation.

Should you spend some time here, it is far from a disaster. But then you need to make the necessary effort of getting to a better beach than the Lido right in front of the town (which tends to become dirty over summer, and is always crowded), or Rommel Beach (slightly better) to the east.

The town of Marsa Matruh appear really nice from a distance, and it doesn't get any worse saying that it occupies the eastern half of a 8-digit shaped lagoon. The couple of streets near the Corniche looks like the result of good modern city planning. The Corniche itself represents a pleasant walk, with several hotels on one side, and the beach and the incredible blue water on the other.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of stories about Western women exposed to a very negative attitude from local young men. However, with Libyan tourists starting to come here, Marsah Matruh could very well get the boost it deserves.

  Cities - Alexandria  

There is simply something very special with the name "Alexandria". It creates images of a long and exciting history, mixture of cultures, Africa meets the Mediterranean Sea, and it is all true. Yet, Alexandria tends to disappoint most of its foreign visitors. It is like there is too little evident of the history, and the fine examples of ancient remains are not up to the expectations most people. While the seafront is fabulous from a distance, many ask themselves why there are not more cafés and restaurants.

Keeping all that in mind, it is not difficult to have a fine few days in this city. You just need to put some effort into it, walk a little bit extra to find what you need because it is all there.

Egyptian boats are generally very colorful, most with an individual pattern. it may be a combination of the safety of being visible out on the sea.

and taking pride in one's boat. Some decorations are created out of superstition, like warding oneself against the evil eye.

  All Cities - Rosetta

certain quarters in the centre has European style 19th century architecture, coming with full wooden balconies and high verandas. The ambience,
Out of sights near Port Said, the northern end of the Suez Canal is a place where many visitors can find hours of entertainment, simply by watching ships pass in and out. Port Said even got a couple of museums , the National Musuem and the Military Museum.


  North Coast

The Northern Coast is the Egyptian North Western gate stretching 525km on the Mediterranean east to Sallum on the Libyan boarder.
This was a rain-dependent agricultural land in the Roman era. Having good faith in the prosperous future of this region, the government spares no effort to develop it. Many comprehensive planning studies have been conducted.

Many luxurious tourist spots have been built. In 1978, the process was unleashed. In spite of miles of white sand beaches and azure sea, Egypt's Med is still undeveloped and relatively unpopulated. There are fine beaches all along the coast from Alexandria to Mersa Matrouh, including the resort of Sidi Abdel Rahman, a secluded bay with clear waters and a selection of villas and hotels.

North Coast Tourist Villages and Beaches
Attractive integrated tourist villages are there, including beaches, houses, and public service units. Moreover, 121 private locations are under study, beside the three most popular already executed by the Ministry of construction, i.e. Marakia, Marabella and Marina resorts.